Östersund 2018-09-07
Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB is a service company whose business includes the provision of travel-related services.

For what purposes do we need to process your personal data?
Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB processes personal data to generally be able to administer purchase agreements and invoices, for financial follow-up and payments, and to be able to ask suppliers questions that Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB may have regarding goods or services we purchase.

Personal data such as the representative’s name, e-mail and telephone number are processed to be able to hold a dialogue with the customer and administer customer agreements. Personal data such as your personal identity number are used solely for the purpose of administering invoicing, credit checking and similar.

Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB is a service company whose business is comprised of providing travel-related services. This means that Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB processes and stores documents on behalf of our customers. These documents and materials may sometimes contain personal data connected to the conditions of the suppliers. This means that by storing data, Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB has the role of data processor in relation to our customers who are data controllers.

How is your data stored?
Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB never stores data for longer than necessary for the purpose of its processing. Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB therefore regularly reviews stored personal data and removes data that is no longer required once the contractual relationship has expired.

Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB may however need to store personal data even after the contractual relationship has expired, for purposes such as the administration of any guarantees and claims periods, and to process any legal demands that may be required of Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB. In some exceptions, personal data is therefore stored for two years after the expiration of the contractual relationship.

Personal data may also need to be stored more generally to ensure compliance with legal obligations, for example regarding accounting matters. If such obligation arises, personal data may be stored for up to ten years.

For all processing of sensitive data, Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB always applies the appropriate safeguards to protect the data. Personal data is never accessible to more people than necessary.

The data subject has the right to contact Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB in its capacity as data controller, and request access to the personal data that Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB processes, and also be informed of the purpose of the processing and who has received the personal data.

In its capacity as data processor, Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB will provide the data subject with a free-of-charge copy of their personal data processed.

The data subject has the right to have their personal data corrected, or in some cases limited or deleted, without any undue delay. If the data subject deems that Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB processes personal data about them that is inaccurate or incomplete, the data subject may demand that it be corrected or completed.

The data subject also has the right to have their data deleted if it is no longer necessary, or if the processing is based on consent that has been withdrawn.

If the data subject requests that the data be corrected, deleted or limited in processing, Latitud 63 Scandinavia AB in its capacity as data processor routinely makes reasonable efforts to inform each recipient of the personal data about the request of the data subject.

The data subject has the right to receive the personal data that they have provided to the data controller and has the right to transfer this data to another data controller. This is under the condition that:

1. It is technologically possible to do so, and
2. The legal grounds for the processing is consent, or that the processing has been necessary for fulfilment of the contract.

If the personal data processing has been based on the consent of the data subject, the data subject may withdraw their consent at any time. Any such withdrawal does not impact the legality of the personal data processing prior to the consent being withdrawn.

If you have questions about this policy or have any other requests related to personal data, please contact Latitud 63 Scandinavia ABs personal data protection officer.

Contact details

Name: Sebastian Spjut Hansebo
Phone number: +46 (0)63-13 10 00